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Biologic's Anti-Support Surface helps transport stranded dolphins in Florida. This video, originally aired on WPTV NBC 5, shows how we go back to our roots and apply technology built for hospital/surgical surfaces to safely transport stranded dolphins off Florida's coast. A contract with the United States Navy was the basis of development for our current product line and still works effectively in transporting the most fragile of marine mammals: the dolphin.


“The Advisory Board Company” Nursing-Executive Center Nursing Best Practices Manual – Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Cutting Edge Technology

Article highlighting cutting-edge technology for Pressure Ulcer prevention and treatment. Fluid Immersion SimulationTM was highlighted as ground-breaking technology recommended for consideration by hospitals treating a significant population of spinal cord injury patients or other patient populations with multiple system breakdowns. Our technology rated 5 out of 5 stars for effectiveness. Dolphin Pads help prevent pressure sores. Click […]


Breakthroughs at Barnes Jewish Hospital and Washington University Article

Article highlighting Biologics Dolphin Beds at the Barnes Jewish Hospital and Washington University. “Surgical services has begun using dolphin pads originally used to transport dolphins and seals long distances without damaging their sensitive skin to prevent pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bed sores. The dolphin pad table surface has a microprocessor which automatically profiles […]


Materials That Help Reduce Pressure Injuries: Outpatient Surgery Article

Biologic’s Fluid Immersion SimulationTM technology is highlighted in this article from Outpatient Surgery Magazine. The article examines the latest in devices and materials that redistribute pressure to prevent tissue damage. From the article: Fluid Immersion Simulation is by far the most advanced pressure-redistribution technology on the market. Click here to view this article.


Biologics featured on WFLA-TV NewsChannel 8 Tampa

This circa-2000 video highlights the history/origins of our patented fluid immersion technology and how we used our, then new, technology to assist in the transport of a dolphin to the Mote Marine Institute in Tampa, Florida. Snippet of interest: “In addition to Jenny other high profile clients include movie actor Christopher Reeve who also sleeps on it [the Biologics […]


Cath Lab Digest Highlights Biologics Dolphin Pad

Prevent pressure sore formation in the Radiology Suite. The Dolphin Pad TMRadiographic Table Surface Supplying Fluid Immersion SimulationTM ensures normal tissue symmetry. Continuously maintains normal patency of peripheral microcirculation during extended surgical procedures. Click here to view this article.