The short answer: A technology that simulates the effects of a body "floating" in a fluid, thus alleviating vertical shear forces which deform soft tissue.

Fluid Immersion Simulation™ is a state of the art pressure redistribution technology. It incorporates concepts from physics like Boyle's Law (Air Viscosity) and the Archimedes Principal (buoyancy) into algorithms that simulate immersion in a fluid. By using a microprocessor and sophisticated dynamic pressure waveform analysis software, the system is able to analyze in a three-dimensional volumetric format the anthropometric characteristics (shape) of a patient engaged on the mattress.

By providing active feedback and detection and correction for the support surface based on the mass and area in contact with the surface, the system is able to approximate immersion in a fluid medium. Consequently, the supported object is truly floating, cradled in a simulated fluid environment without experiencing soft tissue strain. CT and PET scans verify the system's ability to maintain normal tissue symmetry. FIS™ has been further validated by perfusion studies that demonstrate the system's ability to maintain micro-circulation to peripheral tissue which is critical when trying to prevent or heal deep tissue injury.


Our Auto-Vector FIS™ Unit offers a unique display of patient's "Immersion Profile" indicating presence of harmful shear forces and subsequent validation of corrective action taken by the micro-computer.


More information, such as specific studies will be referenced on our website shortly. Please continue to check back with us for the latest developments in Fluid Immersion SimulationTM as well as our full line of Anti-Support SurfacesTM.