No support surface (solid) has a molecular density low enough to engage a body in a state of "equilibrium" floatation. Whereby the support surface is able to displace its own mass to match the mass of the subject it is supporting (Archimedes Principle). No static or dynamic pressure redistribution device is capable of achieving a state of equilibrium with a human body. Consequently, even though you are not on the floor this high-density support surface is continuously conducting mechanical energy between the earth (floor) and the subject in suspension.

The short answer: We refer to our products not as support surfaces but as "anti-support surfaces" because our surfaces are able to "float" patients on air, simulating a fluid-like environment which limits the shear forces and stress put on the patient's body while on the surface.

A support surface is any type of device dense enough to prevent a body from making direct contact with the earth or lowest surface (floor) present in a person's environment... such as a chair, a couch/sofa, or bed/mattress.

Example: A pool float is a firmly inflated pressurized device. You lay on it at the side of the pool on a concrete surface and it feels very hard and before long you may actually see the indentation of the float in your skin. Now you put the float in the pool and get on it... it's an entirely different story now! The pool now acts as a true buffer against the transmission of mechanical energy between you and the earth (floatation).

An Anti-Support Surface has the technology to simulate and suspend a body in an environment which is less or equal to the molecular density of the subject in suspension. This environment (floating) acts as a mechanical energy buffer between the earth and the suspended body. Boyle's law states that at a constant temperature the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to it's ambient pressure. If the device has the intelligence to identify the mass and surface area of the object in suspension then it can correctly calculate the exact air pressure required (viscosity) to suspend the object in a state of floatation. This cannot be accomplished by just blowing an arbitrary constant volume of air into a mattress.


Biologics only produces intelligent, micro-processor driven, dynamic support surfaces that are able to float objects in a fluid-like environment... and that's why we refer to our products as Anti-Support Surfaces. Contact us today for a demonstration/more information.