Fluid Immersion Simulation - Dolphin Bed Technology
Fluid Immersion SimulationTM (FIS) is a state of the art pressure redistribution technology.

Our advanced microprocessor-driven system analyzes the pressure waveform generated by the patient while sinking into the mattress surface. It then precisely adjusts air density in the mattress to simulate immersion in a fluid medium.

This mimics floating in water and dynamically reduces undesired soft tissue deformation.

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Anti-Support Surface

Unique Technology... that's what sets us apart. While the market is full of support-surfaces we have developed the first true Anti-Support Surface Technology.

An Anti-Support Surface has the technology to simulate and suspend a body in an environment which is less or equal to the molecular density of the subject in suspension.

What does this mean? It means that patients on our surfaces are allowed to sink until they achieve a true-state of equilibrium with the mattress surface. Any pressures which are reflected against the patient are equally distributed as you would experience while floating in a swimming pool or the ocean. Consiquently we cause the support surface to distort, not the patient's soft tissue.

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Fluid Immersion SimulationTM and Anti-Support Surface technologies are patented and copyrighted by Biologics, Inc. Our hospital surfaces help thousands of patients obtain relief from pressure sores associated with common hospital support surfaces.